First Beer Fountain in the World

Fountain of the Green Gold represents a tribute to the hop heritage of Žalec and Lower Savinja Valley, which embodies the centre of hop growing industry in Slovenia.

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Hop-growing tradition since
Madis R.

“Famous hops area of Slovenia has done it. Local beer and culture around it is really great. I hope this kind of attraction will increase the culture on drinking.”

Posted on, day 18.3.2016

Colorful Brewing Tradition

Hop Story from A to Z

Tells a story about hop tradition, which developed through one and a half century, still alive in some places, in others leaving only a memory behind.

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Rich Turistic Offer

Grab a Beer ... Then What?

After tasting the beer out of the Green Gold fountain, there is still much to discover around our valley.

Old City Centre of Žalec

Stroll around the oldest part of our town and take a coffee break in one of the coffee shops located on the main avenue.

The Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia

Take a closer look at a long brewing and hop growing tradition in the vicinity of the fountain.

Hell Cave

Talk a walk around a Karst Cave, which has been a home to stalactites for more than 3 million years and will definitely awaken your imagination.

Roman Necropolis

Near Žalec you can see the remains of a Roman tomb, where once the old Roman road led all the way from the Baltic Sea to Italy .